Thursday, April 23, 2009

Custom Brooks Skull Saddle

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Run DM

Danger Mouse

yoda sketch


a little work in progress.

Super Ted (FGL) breaks ground in my t-shirt

Super Ted of the FGL crew and Charge sponsored fixed gear rider pulls the first no-handed bunny hop bar spin in my Fixed/Fucked tee. See issue two of Fixed Mag.

Drapers & Chunk t-shirt

I got a little profile last July in Drapers while at Bread & Butter, barcelona.
so here i am modelling my Mr T. Flight Fight tee, available at

oh yeah, here is prince harry wearing it too, hahaha (terrible pic)

Shoreditch Polo Invitational

Old news, but i hadn't blogged my flyer, which i liked. so here it be.

London Harcourt Bike Polo T-shirt

Winning entry for the LHBP tee comp on

The RIde Journal

An illustration of Ernest Hemmingway for the up-coming edition of The Ride.

Bike Polo Polo Shirt

Hit the front cover of Drapers magazine. Woop!

London Courier Emergency Fund T-shirt

So i won the LCEF comp for their first year anniversary. Going to hit the party on the 24th and claim my prize. I was actually joint first with the lovely chandra. check the LCEF's good work here: