Monday, April 30, 2007

filled wall space

Our living room walls are starting to look the part, we recently had the latest print we've collected framed. The first print we got was vic's 2 year anniversary present to me, a mike giant self portrait screenprint (no. 19/100). the second addition was a valentines present from vic (ain't she the absolute best?), a niagara 'beat it' screen print (no. 65/100). just thought i'd show them off. good test of our new canon ixus 75 camera too. haha.

Monday, April 16, 2007

added colour.

added a splash of colour during a work break.

Friday, April 13, 2007

and some more.

okay. it's been ages since i last posted something like artwork or a drawing. so here you go.

More doodles.

Some doodles.

Our Rides.

So, Spring is sprung, and its fantastic Sunday nursing a hang-over. To clear my head i cleaned my bikes. Think the BMX is going to go on ebay, its not getting much use and just takes up space in the shed. Add a little rust and it's a good idea to sell it soon. The T.J. Quick is running great. I got Brooks leather tape and saddle, and replaced the Cinelli drop bars with Cinelli LA 84's. Quite an odd look, so i'm toying with some nice Ambrosio drop bars too.
Our newest addition is Vic's Raleigh 5-Speed 47 Racer. A great name. Its junior sized, with 24inch wheels. We stripped the shit off, down to single speed and have a pair of Sun track wheels with a flip-flop hub coming. She'll be riding fixed in two weeks all being well.
The BMX is a Haro Group 1 Zi, from '93. i used to cruise to work on this everyday. I've added Shimano old school pedals, A'me grips, white Dia-compe MX brakes, and blue Haro Freestyle tyres.
The other is Vic's Raleigh... shopper? Folding Ladies Bike? Compact? Not sure, Carlos can't seem to pin down this one, but we came across it on ebay with a search for 'ladies shopper folding' or something. ebay. i love you.