Saturday, October 21, 2006

a pain thing painting

vic and me made this one, a joint effort the last week. it was a quick sketch on to A2 mountboard, then we just sat and painted it over a couple of evenings, using acrylics. it was really nice to have vic involved. think there'll be more joint efforts soon.

black ink work

i ruined a really nice drawing of vic, one where she's eating cereal on the sofa in a dressing gown, by sketching a character getting some tattoos done. the Sharpie marker went through the page and fucked the image on the other side. i didn't realise i left my sketchbook open on the reverse of the nice drawing...
anyways, i liked the new drawing and enlarged it up to A2 mountboard. sharpies and markers were go. i decided to make it for a mate, carlos benjamin, who lives down the road yet i hardly make time for. so he became one of the chaps in the drawing, getting ink relating to his fixie fixation (har) and what not.
so, heres the pics, from sketchbook to completion.
he posted a real nice post on his blog about it, here.

Friday, October 13, 2006

The Big Draw 2006

Where i work we have what they call "community service", and we 40 hours per year fo fulfill in whatever way we see fit. some stuff is organised, some stuff you can do off you own bat (say, working building hospitals in africa for 6 months), and some are simple local projects. This year's Big Draw event saw the local Dragon Hall (a youth center near Holborn) seek volunteers to help the little kids paint and make with the art. i raised my hand, along with a couple of others, to run a 'graffiti' table. it wasn't any thing flash, just some rolls of paper, poster paints, various brushes and some books on the topic. the little chaps there loved it. after they looked at some nice wall art in the books, we set about sketching their initials and comic heroes. it was only two hours, but it was fun and the kids got to take their art home, they seemed pretty happy. i didn't get a shot of francis' finished hulk, so i've messed around with that one.

Monday, October 09, 2006

More (occo) - APS

that's all i can be bothered to post on my lil' trip to morocco. hope it was interesting.

Morocco - Ixus APS

finally got my aps films scanned in at snappy snaps. here's a few shots. i used a canon ixus III APS camera and regular ol' kodak advantix film. pretty boring compared to the holga, but the results are ok.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Cut & Copy

some stuff for ... been a long replationship, gone a bit wobbly, but hopefully still a good one.