Wednesday, August 30, 2006

felt tips rule ok

yeah, working out some colour by number ... colours, and ended up drawing a cat. neat. anyways, the hand image is a B3 sized mount board with brush tiped pen. neat? i called it "bad blood", not sureof the meaning, was going to give it to a friend with diabetes... then decided it was a bad idea. rad.

a B3 board, pencil and marker, we gave it as a gift to our old land lady in tokyo. its vic, by the way. drawing.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Latin rockabilly yeah? looks like it 'n all.

These are a couple of recent tee graphics from a editorial collection for Worth Global Style Network ( I do stuff there regularly for the graphic department. Great fun and varied content everytime.
A sketched up zombie. i did this for threadless originally, though i like it and intend to play with it further.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


I thought the doodle on the napkin was kind of funny. i seem to doodle tattoo stuff quite a bit. these were from my small moleskin sketchbook. i'm working on the actual flash versions.


a couple of recent post-it doodles at work.

Mix Tape

Vic and I did a neat mix tape (proper cassette style too) for a friend. Awesome fun, took me back to my ghetto blaster and taping from the radio. We whipped up a little sleeve, take a peep at the mix, tapes available on request.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Knocked these tattoo inspired graphics up for a friend at Religion clothing. Didn't do anything with them in the end, so they are here, to see the light of day.


Snapped this on a snappy lil' trinket camera Vic bought me in Tokyo. Developing the 110 was easy, had to scan the negative at home, which looked nice in the end. I like the full negative exposure versus the film's frame.

Some kind of love, some kind of Hate...

Ok, so here we go. another blog for you.
I'm a graphic designer for apparel, based in London.
I'll be posting doodles, paintings, and graphics on this.
I hope its worth your time.